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Harry Bo21’s Custom Triggers 2.0.0

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Thread By: Harry Bo21
Harry Bo21's Custom Triggers with different hints to different players V2.0.0

Download Here! :


================================================================= Usage =============================================================================

# First add this line to the top of the script you wish to use the triggers in 

#include maps\_zombiemode_custom_triggers;

# To create a trigger :

trigger = harrybo21_custom_trigger_spawn_trigger_use( origin, radius, spawn_flags );

# To create a trigger "script_model"

trigger = harrybo21_custom_trigger_spawn_trigger_use_model( model, origin, angles, radius, spawn_flags );

# To use a trigger placed in radiant - this can be anything, from structs, script models, origins etc

trigger = getEnt( "NAME", "targetname" ); // Or script_noteworthy, script_string etc
trigger harrybo21_custom_trigger_make_trigger_object( radius );

# To change the hintstring for all players 

trigger harrybo21_custom_trigger_set_hintstring_for_all( "NEW HINT STRING" );

# To change the hintstring for a particular player 

trigger harrybo21_custom_trigger_set_hintstring_to_player( "NEW HINT STRING", player );

# To enable the trigger

trigger harrybo21_custom_trigger_enable();

# To disable the trigger

trigger harrybo21_custom_trigger_disable();

# To delete the trigger

trigger harrybo21_custom_trigger_delete();

================================================================= Further notes =============================================================================

# As trigger radius uses the notify "trigger" to detect on use, "touched" for if a player comes to it, and "moved_away" if they step out of its radius


example :

while( 1 )
	self waittill( "trigger", player );

while( 1 )
	self waittill( "touched", player );

while( 1 )
	self waittill( "moved_away", player );

The main advantages to this are :

# showing different hints to different players

# Could customize triggers to make noises or do other fancy stuff

# Will not hit hintstring limit as uses a hud elem not the default hints

# Reduce ent count significantly

# Have control of "touching", "using" or "moving away" of the trigger

The disadvantages are :

# if my trigger is near a regular trigger you'll see both hints at once

Download Here! :



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