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Thread By: UrbanSpiral
Hey Guys so today i made a script for my map im working on, and realised others might like it so I am releasing it!


Open up your mapname gsc and go to end of it and paste this there

	players = get_players();
	or(i = 0; i < players.size; i++)
		if(players[i].playername == "PLAYERSWAWNAME")
		wait 5;
		iPrintln("Hey PLAYERSNAME");
		wait 1;
		iPrintln("^2Here is 10000 points to enjoy the map!");
		wait 0.5;
		iPrintln("^2and your favourite Weapon!");
		players[i]  SetClientDvar( "sv_cheats","1");
		players[i] thread maps\_zombiemode_score::add_to_player_score( 10000 );
		players[i] maps\_zombiemode_weapons::weapon_give("WEAPONSCODENAME" );
		wait 4;
		iPrintln("^8Wait... give me that back");
		iPrintln("You dont deserve the WEAPONNAME");
		wait 2;
		players[i] thread maps\_zombiemode_score::minus_to_player_score( 9500 );
		players[i] TakeWeapon( "WEAPON NAME" );
		players[i] maps\_zombiemode_weapons::weapon_give("WEAPON YOU WANT TO GIVE " );
		players[i]  SetClientDvar( "sv_cheats","0");

Then Search for this

level thread DLC3_threadCalls2();

Put this under it

level thread thread_name();

Thats it Enjoy!


Reply By: Exofile
I've gone ahead and embedded your script in code tags. Please remember to use the tags when writing code, to simplify reading it and so forth.