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Thread By: Azsry
MW:R Animations in Black Ops 3!

(MAYA 2016 BETA)

Now you too can have super high poly modern-day weapons in your still ridiculously futuristic game!

This rig will allow you to easily and (somewhat) painlessly convert anims from Modern Warfare: Remastered (H1 - High Moon Studios) into BO3 (T7).

Included is the Maya ASCII file (2016 ONLY), accompanying images and two scripts to further automate the process.

Figure 2: Download contents


1. Bind your weapon using the .mel script included with the export

2. Open the (do NOT drag/drop it or File>Import it)

3. Import your weapon and ensure you disable namespaces ( [make sure :(root) is selected as well])

4. Drag and drop link_h1.mel into your Maya window

5. Import a .seanim

6. Drag and drop link_t7.mel into your Maya window

7. Open Call of Duty Tools > Export xanim and export:

[tag_view + tag_torso] for ads_up and ads_down

[tag_torso, tag_cambone + Select > Hierarchy] for all other animations (INCLUDING ads_fire and ads_rechamber)

8. Use export2bin or Kronos to convert the xanim_exports to xanim_bin


Video example after following steps

Figure 3: Intermediate Results


Q. How do I make an animated model?

A. Simply select t7:tag_view and click Select > Hierarchy, then select one of the meshes from the T7 arms. Export this selection as an xmodel to create an animated model.

Q. How do I do ADS animations?

A. If you porting to a Treyarch game, export ONLY t7:tag_view and t7:tag_torso. For IW games, export ONLY t7:tag_view and t7:tag_ads.

Q. Why do the anims sometimes not fit the gun properly?

A. Due to Treyarch and Raven using different bone structures, getting a 1:1 match in bone positioning was impossible to achieve. In addition, the rig uses Jessica's viewarms from Shadows of Evil simply due to her hands being the thinnest in the game. This will ensure that the anims will fit on all hands, despite being thicker than Jessica's hands.


None yet.


Azsry: H1 -> T7 Rig Conversion Rig

DTZxPorter: Wraith

SE2Dev: SEAnim


v 1

- Initial Release



Reply By: Jdcobra
So for the pistols, I've noticed the left thumb is messed up, is that just something I will have to fix myself?


Reply By: Kompst
FirstPerson65 camera has the wrong translations. If you look through FirstPerson65 camera you will see that it's pointed downward instead of the way it should. Go ahead and Zero everything out, and change Rotate X to 90, and Rotate Y to -90.