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[CoD4] Pack of mods and source files

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Thread By: sanya_rnd
I have lots of stuffs on my HDD related to CoD4: my stuffs, other's stuffs (propably all of them are discontinued already too).

All of them at least 3 years old, and I think I can release it already to the public.


<download data-url=""></download>

It's kind of a junkyard with 10GB of data, but I don't have time to sort it more than it is now (I do not remember what half of this does anyway :) ).

I do not release maya sources (yet), but maybe on holidays I'll cleanup my HDD and put it in shared folder as well. Can't do it right now, since it's kind of a mess. I have lots of uncomplete projects and I need to go and sort this out.

For those who do not remember me (or do not know me), here's the channel with examples of my work:

Please, keep copyright.

Many stuffs belongs to me, but some were made by others (usually mentioned in archives).


Reply By: Exofile
I've gone ahead and embedded your links for easier access.

Although I never used the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare tools besides importing models into Call of Duty: World at War, it's nice to see how much work you did with the tools.