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[CoD4] MWR Desert Eagle .50

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Thread By: T-Max

Mod sources, Maya sources, unchanged textures are included.

Inspect animation requires script and invoked by holding "Use" button for about 1 second. Nice alternative to original MWR button.

Yes. It's not silver but black deagle. Original textures looks awful for CoD4 lighting engine so I spent a lot of time to make them looks better.

If you made a retexture, contact me and if I like your work, I will update my archive.

Tools has been used:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 - Texture editor.

  • Autodesk Maya 2016 - Model\anims editor.

  • Intel GPA - texture ripper.

  • Wraith Archon by DTZxPorter - models\texture\animations ripper.

  • SEAnim import plugin - import .seanim to Maya.

  • Call Of Duty Tools by Aiden Shafran - export stuff for CoD4 mod tools.

  • Audacity - sound editor.

  • Some unknown web site I've used to extract sound track from mp4.

  • CoD4 Mod Tools.

  • CoD4, MWR - these games has been used as tools lol.




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