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IW7 to T5 Conversion Rig

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Thread By: Scobalula

Now you too can have freakishly high poly futuristic weapons in your WW2 and Cold War Game.

This rig will work on Maya 8.5+

This should aid you with porting Infinite Warfare weapons into Bo1-CoD4.

To use:

  • Read instructions in README

  • You're on your way.


    A few notes:

    • Due to the drastic change from the lush rig we're used to, to IW7's, getting a 1:1 match is close to impossible and there are some cases where joints may look weird but in all cases I have tested the rig done it's job well and the anims should look ok in-game.

    • For exporting the main_anim_model simply select all joints and one mesh.

    • For ADS anims select t6:tag_view and t6:tag_torso. For Normal anims select t6:tag_torso and t6:tag_cambone and select hierarchy.

    Note: While this rig should be functional, it is no longer supported, so please do not ask for help if it does not work.

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    Reply By: DamianoTBM
    Thanks Dad!


    Reply By: Scobalula

    Thanks Dad!

    Np Son.

    As Damiano pointed out there was an issue with sprints as I accidentally constrained tag_torso, simply use the new script to constrain and everything should be ok no one gets hurt.


    Reply By: elricos
    link is down :c


    Reply By: Cry150
    can you reupload ?


    Reply By: Scobalula
    Download link fixed.


    link is down !!! (not)