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Improved T7-T5 Conversion Rig

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This is an improved version of lilrobot's Black Ops 3 to previous game rig. After dragging on a pair of Black Ops 3 hands to his rig and binding them, setting up layers, and watching the animations play, comparing the finger alignments, I noticed multiple imperfections in the fingers as well as the entire arm being completely out of place. So being the perfectionist I am, I went ahead and remade this rig. This rig is near 1:1 in terms of how properly aligned they are. Considering that I used Black Ops 2 Dempsey hands aligned to Black Ops 3 Dempsey hands, the similar features and makeup of the arms made it easy to align correctly. There are a few imperfections I currently cannot seem to fix.

#1 - The elbow sometimes contorts unnaturally. This happens because the distance from wrist to elbow on Black Ops 3 arms is shorter than the distance on Black Ops 2 arms. Since I placed the wrists near each other, the elbow on the Black Ops 2 arms stick out past the elbow of the Black Ops 3 arms. It looks somewhat fine in idle position, but when your arm straightens out, the black ops 2 elbow is bent outwards from the orientation of the shoulder, making it move backwards and look messed up. While this happens on a lot of reloads, I've never found a gun where it's actually visible in game, even in higher FOV's, so the problem SHOULD be irrelevant.

#2 - The fingers of the Black Ops 2 arms are just too long. Black Ops 3 fingers are significantly shorter, from each knuckle to the very tip of the finger. The fingers stick out further than they are meant to originally, so anywhere you press on something or touch your finger tip may end up with the finger going inside whatever it is your poking. It also causes unnatural bends where one knuckle went past the Black Ops 3's knuckle and the finger had to be bent inwards and then outwards again. This causes an unnatural straightening of mostly the index finger, but it's not TOO noticeable. I tried fixing this by making the finger shorter by moving the joint in, but that made the finger look completely messed up. Fortunately these problems are not TOO noticeable, as stated above.

Using The First Person Camera:
There are two first person camera's: first_person and first_person_ads. If you are simply loading an animation and want to view it in first person, you would use first_person. This camera is positioned to the opposite of where tag_torso is moved to with ads animations. It allows you to properly view the animation without loading ads animations - for most guns. Some guns have a different position of tag_torso then your common Black Ops 3 weapon ( I.E. Ray Gun ), so you may have to move the camera yourself to view it properly. If you have loaded the idle animation and then an ads animation to test if the ads animations work, you will want to use first_person_ads. The camera is centered so you can view the ads like normal.


Instructions are in the download, along with everything you need to make the rig work. Enjoy!

Pictures of the Conversion Rig