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Thread By: Ducky
Modified version of AuthorJames' Bank Door Script for BO3 Mod Tools to allow doors to open in the way default doors can open.
His original also contained many bug fixes by myself.

This is a script, it is up to you to create the doors/debris and place the triggers - setup details below.
Bank Doors allow any players in a match to deposit points into a door and once the cost of the door has been met, it opens.

*please give credit to Author. & Ducky if used in a release*
- Author. for original skeleton script ( - already contains some of my modifications)
- Ducky: Made to work with custom values (now in Author.'s post), and allow classified and moving doors.
- HarryBO21, MakeCents, and DidUKnowiPwn for assistance

To Impliment:
1. Put this script file in BO3root\usermaps[I][yourmapname][/I].gsc\scripts\zm
2. Put the following in [yourmapname].zone:


3. Put this at the top of [yourmapname].gsc:
   #using scripts\zm\zm_bankdoors;

4. Put this in the main() function of [yourmapname].gsc:
//Bank door initialization

In Radiant:
I recommend learning how do set up standard doors first, as this is a very similar process and will assume you know how to do that. See: JBird's Guide to setting up standard doors
KVP's on the following objects:
      targetname: bankdoor
      target: [door/debris to open]
      zombie_cost: [amount to deposit each time action button is pressed]
      script_int: [total amount required to open door]
   physical door (can have multiple),(make sure they are either a script_brushmodel or script_model (similar to standard doors)):
      targetname: [target of the trigger]
      script_string: [same as standard doors]
      [detail of script string]: [co-ordinates/vector]
      script_int: [time in seconds for door to open]

Download from MEGA:
DownloadDownload from MEDIAFIRE:
DownloadDownload from GOOGLE DRIVE:
Any issues: I'm available on Modme, Discord (@Ducky with orange logo), or Twitter: @ACDEHDGaming


Reply By: Mindmirror
Thanks man! I will dl this now! :D


Reply By: Frost Iceforge
Nice, man! I will definitely use this in my maps! Really liked these in Zombies in Spaceland, so glad to see them in BO3! Take a win!