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TBD’s Missing HUD Reticle Pack

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Thread By: The Black Death
TBD's Missing HUD Reticle Pack

This pack is designed to fill in the HUD reticles we never got in Black Ops III's Mod Tools.
Although you can still use some of these reticles without the pack in maps, any reticle you have in your weaponfile for a weapon in a mod will not appear in-game.

Therefore, they are intended to be used for weapon ports (or custom weapons) that won't use the standard reticle_side_small (the only reticle we got in the Mod Tools).

Instructions for installation are included inside the pack.

Please credit 'The Black Death' if you use this pack in your mod/map.

*In this demonstration center reticles are at 32 size, and all side reticles are at 8 size. This is not necessarily the correct sizing for these reticles.
** Name of each reticle shown through the weapon name.

^^ Screenshot doesn't show reticle well at all, due to sizing.


Reply By: M5_Prodigy
Dude this stuff is amazing !


Reply By: The Black Death

Dude this stuff is amazing !

Glad it helped you :)