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Scobalula's Weapon Ports
Welcome to insanity, where you will find an array of ports I may post when I feel like it's necessary to hit the community with a bundled together array of vertices and animation data, featuring some classics such those that Pash likes or ones I decided to port because people like them. I feel like every map needs dual wield XMGs and Dual Wield Mini-guns so I'm here to deliver on that with these freaks of human engineering.

These weapon ports are available to use in any of your projects, what you do with them is what you do, they are be set up for drag and drop compatibility (hopefully) with the Black Ops III Mod Tools with little work by the end user besides including the necessary assets (because effort, amirite).

We would not know the whey without the following people/groups:

  • DTZxPorter - Wraith Weapon Machine and other tools
  • Activision/Developers - We love your assets <3
  • Collie - Conversion Rig Papa
  • Harry Bo21 - Camo Chairs
  • HitmanVere - Weapon Wikipedia in my Pocket
  • Marvel4 - How fast does the gun reload?
  • Sp33dy - T7->T7 Rig
Of course, it would appreciated that should you find yourself for some magical reason using any of the ports listed here, that you credit myself and the people listed above.

Global Files

The following download is a required portion containing assets used by multiple ports I may post, if you're downloading a port, check to see if this was updated:


Shared Assets Version 1.0 - Updated 09/01/2018

Weapon Ports
AW Weapon Ports


Version 1.0 - Updated 09/01/2018 - Requires Global Files

This mystical beast is one you'll want when the zombie apocalypse comes, but for now, you're limited to using it in a video game. Being shipped all the way from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare via Wraith Logistics with help from Collie's Conversion Rig Courier, this gives you not one, but TWO LMGs with 150 bullets each, plow your way through the horde of undead meat bags with your guns that are obviously too big for a person to realistically hold and fire in each arm.




<h4> </h4>

Version 1.0 - Updated 14/02/2018 - Does not require Global Files

As the zombies close in, you ask yourself: can there be a more compact ChainSAW? The answer is no, nothing can beat that, but what we do have is a compact zombie killing machine known as the PDW.




<hr><h3>Ghosts Ports</h3>


Version 1.0 - Updated 09/01/2018

While most people settle for crappy traditional chain based Chainsaw, the real guys in the game will order a ChainSAW from Call of Duty: Ghosts, featuring a fucking huge gun that is again probably too big for the average person to hold and run with.



  • The weapon sounds in some cases are not 100% correct, I'm not the type to care as most don't, as long as it sounds close to the original, it runs with me.
  • While I have done my best to keep to the original stats, there is a possibility that some are off.
Enjoy! More to come!

<h2>Any issues or bugs, report them blow! </h2>


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new psh who dis


Reply By: The Black Death
ports lush thx


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Reply By: Scobalula
Added the ChainSAW from Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Reply By: FiveSeven
holy weapons .. nice work


Reply By: TheGariest
these guns are way too fucking big for a single man to hold


Reply By: XxRaPiDK3LLERxX
Awesome weapons!! I was kinda waiting for someone to port LMGs but BOOM here you are :P
(FYI I SUCK AT WEAPON PORTING so that's why I never ever ported ONE weapon)
Anyways you got a win from me and keep up the great work.


Reply By: josh1600
The XMG's look insane XD Can't wait to check them out man, thanks for your contribution to the community :)


Reply By: ByPsicoYT
scobs is bae <3


Reply By: Scobalula
Added the PDW from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare