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Tranzit Sprinters (BO3 version)

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Thread By: Psh
I'm your host paSH, lets get right into the release. I've held on these for too long, now everyone gets to enjoy fast asf boi.

Download includes both a drag n drop version (basic) and a customization version.

There are three speeds to the sprinters.

  • Sprint: Basic tranzit sprinter comes close to a sprinting player.

  • Super: Far faster than a sprinting player, around 2-3x.

  • Ultra: 5-10x faster than a sprinting player, on any small map, will catch up to the player almost instantly after spawning.

Installation also included in the readme.


Drag-n-drop version: (Make a backup of the original files)

1. Open the drag n drop folder.
2. Copy and paste the xanim_export folder to your BO3 directory.
*This only effects the "sprinting" zombies and comes with all versions of the sprinters*

Regular version: (Make a backup of the originals)

(These do work with bosses such as Brutus)
*Also note that you'll need to replace all of the certain anim types (such as "base_sprint_au") to have ONLY tranzit sprinters.

1. Open the regular version folder.
2. *Before install, you must rename the files to the anims you want to replace.* [i.e: ai_zombie_base_sprint_au_v1, ai_zombie_base_run_au_v1, etc]
3. Copy and paste the xanim_export folder to your BO3 directory.

Maya Student Edition(TM)

plz crdt


Reply By: Mr Tom Waffles
This is great, im gonna be evil with this


Reply By: Harry Bo21


Reply By: Abnormal202
9/10 no 40x speed


Reply By: Lokii
I'm probably going to make my zombies do handstands but make them fast as fuck boi