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[Black Ops 3] Inspectable Weapons

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Thread By: dr. squidbot
<h1 style="text-align:center;">Inspectable Weapons</h1>

this script is a small project i threw together in a day or so that allows you to add inspectable animations to your weapons and then execute them in-game with a button press.

the inspections are handled as well as they can be without interrupting gameplay to the player.
inspecting can be interrupted by:

  • firing your weapon

  • meleeing with your weapon

  • being sent into last stand

  • switching your weapons

  • reloading your weapon

adding an inspectable weapon is very simple. a full readme is provided inside the download in order for you to set one up.
customization is available to allow you to restrict being able to inspect while prone. read the script's init() for more details.

the mod will function on all custom maps, and will also work in mods

if you have any issues, please contact me on discord or post a reply to this thread.

the readme should be fairly straight forward, but feel free to ask any clarification questions.

to inspect the weapon, hold the ACTION button while the weapon is equipped.


[update 1: added support for attachments]



Reply By: Symbo
Didn't try it yet but love the idea. Thank you for providing a new content to the zombies community! :)


Reply By: Mr Wafflez
Looks great! Can't wait to try this out soon.


Reply By: ZeRoY


Reply By: dr. squidbot
released an update that adds support for weapons with attachments. small oversight, oops!


Reply By: iammrmikeman
What is the default ACTION button to trigger the animation


Reply By: Harry Bo21
the use button....


Reply By: Monsta060
Can anyone send me or make a tutorial on how to use this? Ive added everything but idk how to add the guns to the precache

My discord is MattH#9610


Hi there.

Having some issues with it. I've added the include to the top of my map's .gsc file and then the respective animations before zm_usermap::main() however, it doesn't work as when I launch the map it crashes and says it has problems compiling the .gsc. No-matter where I put the include, it will crash. Any suggestions?


The instructions are too confusing to me. Need some help! Discord: Iron Ratchett#7399

Harry Bo21:

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