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CoD 2 - TX Conversion Rig

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Thread By: SpSSdy
Ever wanted Low Poly WW2 Guns with mediocre quality animations in your WW2/Modern/Cold War Game? Well now you can (as long as you credit everyone listed and me).

TomBMX - TAnims + XAnim Exporter
Diegologic - XModel Exporter
ThomasCat - Making The Conversion Rig + Shelf



Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but was wondering if someone could help me with a potential issue I'm having regarding porting CoD2 weapons. While following the instructions, whenever I use the Xmodel Exporter tool to view the tags for a specific model, this is what I get:

Surely all of the joints shouldn't be positioned at 0.00, right? I've tried this for several models, and the majority of them have the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: This doesn't look quite right to me...