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Thread By: Zynx
This .rar pack includes images for new cookies for lighting in Radiant. I felt the selection was pretty limited so I thought some of these would help expand the combinations to prevent reusing around your map.

Move the "texture_assets" folder in the .rar file to your Black Ops III root folder.

Open APE and search "cookie" under name to check if the assets are there.

If any issues surface, please inform me about it in this thread.

NOTE: The assets included are prefixed with "brick", "textile", "radial", "fractal", "perlin", and "turbulence." (The names of the prefixes simply describe the texture of the cookie, not where it should be used.)

<h3>CREDITS: </h3>
Christian Petry's Texture Generator Online

You do not need to credit me if you use these cookies in your map, though it'd be nice if you did!