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[MAYA] Aidan’s Tool 1.5.2 (Updated by Scobalula)

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Thread By: Scobalula
Aidan's Tool 1.5.2 (Updated by Scobalula)

This app written by Aidan allows you to export from Maya 2012+, with Wraith now exporting Notetracks I have added

a button to grab the notes from the Notetrack and add them to Aidan's window so they will export without you having

to go through the animation and estimating where the sound/notification should happen.

All credit ofc. goes to Aidan, I just added a small button to grab notes.


+Added ability to grab information from "Notetrack"

+*Removed Error for more than 128 Bones and instead changed to give a warning. (for people using BO1)


Original Topic:

<a href="",1295.0.html"">,1295.0.html</a>


Everything is the same as before, Aidan's tool allows the importing of xModels, generates viewmodel sleeve and the exporting

of xAnims and xModels.

To Install:

1. Download the script above from original topic and save it to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\maya\*MAYA_VERSION*\scripts.

2. Open usersetup.mel (Create one if you don't have it) and add this to it:

python("import CoDMayaTools");

3) Open the .py file and replace its contents with the stuff from pastebin above.

4) Restart Maya

For those who already have it installed just follow step 3 and click "Reload Script" under the menu if Maya is open.

Once installed you'll notice upon clicking Export xAnim there is a new button called "Grab Notes". This will grab

the notes from the Notetrack in Outliner and add them to the window so when you export, they'll export too.


There shouldn't be any issues but thing tend not to work outside the coder's computer. So report any bugs bby.

Please take the time to realize before screaming at me for editing Aidan's tool that he released it under the GPL3 and so long as I follow the GPL3 I can edit it.


Reply By: Scobalula

*Fixed Issue with writing random crap to the xanim_export causing error in converter.

*Removed "end" note since it's not allowed in WaW.

*Removed need to go through frames meaning grabbing notes is now instant. (Figured getAttr would have a parameter for time. ^^)

+Added button to ignore notes like "reload_small", etc, it's easy to add your own if you find any:


Reply By: ElTitoPricus
Very handy

Thank You


Reply By: Scobalula

+Added support for updated NoteTracks that will be added to Wraith soon. (Will load ALL notetracks, even if they share same frame, for now however still need to be selected from Main Note)

+Automatic removal of "sndnt#" and "rmbnt#" for Tom's tanims. (can someone confirm if BO1 supports these? if it does, I can add a toggle for people if they want)

+Added ability to rename notetracks. (Once renamed they will go to the end of the list, thanks to tito for suggesting.)

If there are any issues please let me know. There were some issues with renaming but now it appears to be working.

Also you may have noticed Ray1235 is working on a major updated to Aidan's tools too for BO3, this will be added to them and any other features I add.