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Mystic CSV Designer (Solution to sound alias editing)

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Thread By: DuaLVII



  • Create new blank CSV's or Sound Aliases

  • Comes with a Sound Alias template for making new sound aliases

  • Quickly modify an existing sound alias using searches for every individual part of your CSV

  • Quickly add new items/sounds by adding a new blank item/sound or duplicating an existing item/sound within your CSV

  • Comes with Sound Alias table information to describe what each value represents

  • Re-order your sounds and table layout

  • Categorize your sounds for easier editing

  • Can be used as your default CSV Editor



    >>Download Mystic CSV Designer 1.1<<


    Previous Version;

    >>Download Mystic CSV Designer 1.0<<


    Hope this is as helpful as it is to me, For a quick overview of the application, Check out the video.

    Any features you'd like adding that would be usful to the application or any bugs founds, just let me know.

    Many Thanks,


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    Reply By: Koan
    Fantastic! Glad to see you're back in the community, dude.


    Reply By: DuaLVII
    Thanks man :)


    Reply By: Hero115
    Amazing work! love it. +1 from me.


    Reply By: DuaLVII
    *Updated - v1.1*

    • (New) UI Improvement using MetroFramework

    • (Added) Right-click quick options to both item and table lists (View demonstation video)

    • (Added) World at War Sound Alias Template

    • (Optimized) CSV Formatting has been optimized in a few area's for faster loading of larger CSV Files

    • (Fixed) Added // as comments to the CSV Formatting code (sshhh, I forgot Ok...)

    >>Download Mystic CSV Designer 1.1<<



    Reply By: natesmithzombies
    Just came across this and man did I wish I had it earlier. Awesome man! Thanks


    Reply By: DuaLVII
    npz, I didn't really label the application well for it's main purpose in mod tools.

    While it's key use in CoD Mod Tools is sound aliases, It will work with any other CSV except for a mod.csv used by the launcher since the launcher of old CoD Titles has it's own built in table layout for that.

    Any way, Hope it speeds your work flow up ;)