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Thread By: Scobalula
So if you've exported from Infinite Warfare you'll know the daunting process of separating the normal maps, ao maps, etc. from the tons of images that come with models.

So, since I like automating stuff, here's a tool to handle it.

To use:

1. Group images into their own folders in a base folder with no other files/folders, like this. The folder
name will define the prefix of the images, i.e. weapon_fmg will result in weapon_fmg_n, etc.

2. Set the image format to write to in settings.ini (default is PNG).

3. Enter the directory of the main folder.

4. Let her do her job.


* Accepts/Writes: TIFF, TGA, PNG, DDS*, JPEG
* Alpha channels are maintained for _CS.
* Potential for Access Denied Errors with files that already exist, so delete them I guess.
*DDS Cannot be written to.*

**While I do take suggestions, this tool was made for my needs and it does what I want it to do, I only released it as there's no point in keeping it to myself. If you want to modify the app, feel free, the Py file is there. Make a pull request if you have a suggestion.**





Reply By: Faithfullfaun
Will it be possible to make it get the Specular map out of the texture?