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Thread By: Scobalula

This tool will read CSV files with Call of Duty Weapon stats stored in them, specifically Marvel4’s raw spreadsheets (i.e. with headers named the same as those used in APE/Asset Manager.) and save them to a GDT. I made this tool in less than a few hours but I hope it saves most people countless hours in copying stats from a raw spreadsheet.

NOTE: When reading Marvel4’s statesheets, make sure to click “Raw Weapons” tab and download as a CSV, if a stat sheet of his does not have a Raw Spreadsheet then those stats can’t be used as it does not work with the other spread sheets with formatting, etc.

The tool also allows you to select weapon type, and that is stored on the selected weapon so you don’t need to keep changing it for a particular weapon and if you want to run through then do save all.


  • Collie (Suggesting it)

  • Marvel4 (Raw Weapon Stats being the reason this was made that are on point)

  • Amazing people of Stackoverflow (me still C# nublet)

Download/Home Page:



Reply By: ElTitoPricus
Another Win, Job Well Done