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Thoughts on the IW zombies reveal

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Thread By: DTZxPorter
Just throwing this out there


Reply By: mrpeanut188
I really disliked the IW reveal, but the zombies actually seems interesting. Looks like they're making the mode more casual which is a good thing,

zombies is getting stale. Becoming more focused on having fun then being rewarded for skill may alienate the more hard-core players but I think

for a series like CoD where it's been a straight cash-grab for the last few years, it's a good move for Activision. I can't really say for certain though,

they are directly copying many facets of Treyarch's zombies, and I think having a new developer with a new direction is great.

Also, I really like our cast: Hasselhoff, Pee-wee Herman, Snooki, and ScHoolboy Q. That Go Getem Tiger shirt is probably the best thing to come out of all this so far.