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Black Ops 3 - frame drops and stutters fix?

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Thread By: The Black Death
Hi everyone, I just installed Black Ops III today on my new computer. I've been surprised (and disappointed) by the performance. In game and even in the menus I constantly suffer from frame drops to below 30 fps, yet even on the lowest settings I could be getting 200 fps and it will suddenly drop for a short time. It does this about every 5 seconds, too. This has made the game pretty unplayable for me, and I'm wondering whether anyone knows how to fix this problem?

As a reference, by the looks of things I should be reaching a constant 60 fps at high settings.

My spec:

CPU: i3-6100

RAM: 16gb DDR4

GPU: GTX 1050 Ti

It seems to be trying to work as it should; maps load really quick due to the 16gb ram, and outside of the frame drops the GPU provides adequate performance.

I've looked online for fixes but alas none have worked. If you could possibly provide a solution to this that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Also, I don't know whether GeForce Experience has optimized Black Ops III, and I do have the game ready driver.


Reply By: The Black Death
Update: it seems that Treyarch's disgusting optimization for this game has meant that my CPU is being relied on too much, which is stupid. It's bottlenecking my 1050 Ti it would seem even though the i3-6100 in regular cases works fine with even the RX 470. Nice plays, Treyarch...