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My idea of what “Divisions” will be like in CoD:WWII

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Thread By: Wild
Hey everyone. I wanted to make a post to explain what I think divisions will be like in WWII. Maybe some of you will agree, but if you don't then reply to this post explaining what you think it will be. It's interesting to hear everyone's thoughts. With that said, here is what I believe divisions will be like.

Divisions for those that haven't heard is going to be the "replacement" for Create A Class in Call of Duty: WWII. I put quotes around the word replacement because personally I don't think they are changing the create a class system, but expanding it. We have to remember that Sledgehammer Games listens to the community and cares about us. Sure, advances warfare isn't the best game and does have many problems, but the game is still being supported to this day. With that said, Sledgehammer knows how much people love the Create a Class system and I don't think they would change it on us. So if I don't think it's gonna change then what do I think it will be? Well I explained earlier how I think it will be an expansion of the current create a class system. This is what I mean. I think we will still have the normal setup where you select your weapons, perks and killstreaks but the actual "Divisions" will be Sledgehammer's take on Specialists/Rigs. If we look at the 5 Divisions that have been revealed I can explain why I think that. There is Airborne, Mountain, Infantry, Armored and Expeditionary Force. I think when you enter the Divitions menu you will be able to select one of these 5 to use and edit the weapon loadout individually. It's basically creating a class for each specialist and being able to switch between the specialist during the game, rather than only having 1 specialist but being able to use every class if that makes sense. Let's look at what each of the Divisions could be. Airborne - it's possible that players of this divisions maybe spawn in the game closer to the middle of the map when the game starts so they are closer to the enemy team, which would be the advantage to this class. Mountain - Maybe this division can always pull out a sniper at any point to use it from a distance but then switch back to their normal weapon for close quarter battles. Infantry - This class could possibly have an advantage by being able to move more quickly and regenerate health quicker. Armored - Maybe this division could possibly be able to use rocket launchers and flamethrowers as their advantage but at the same time more a little slower than each other division. Finally, Expeditionary Force - These players may get and advantage of special ammo types and special equipment like flares or trip mines. Looking at the descriptions and thinking of it like that makes perfect sense to me. So in the end what I am saying is it could be a system where first you select your "specialist" like we know in bo3, but then after you select it you make a class specifically to only be used on that division. Then when you load in the game instead of choosing from 5 classes, instead you pick a division and you get the special perks for that division plus the loadout you created for it before the game. No division will have restrictions on the actual loadout itself, instead the advantages that each player gets will be different depending on their division, again similar to what we know in bo3 as specialists.

This idea makes sense to me and I personally think it would be a great system. Let me know what you all think of this idea and if you believe it's something different then please let me know!