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Destiny Modme Clan?

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Thread By: Exofile
After a somewhat positive outcome, a clan has been made.
Simply create an account on Bungie.Net & request to join (LINK NOT MADE).
Please PM me here or on Discord your username on Bungie.Net and the request will be accepted when possible.
And before you ask, yes; we're open to all platforms.

What's the point of a clan?

  • Weekly Clan Rewards.

  • Clan Banners.

Overall, Destiny 2 will have alot more content oriented on clans, and thus having a large community with it will make matchmaking & progression be more benefitial for everyone involved.


Reply By: Exofile
Seems there is a somewhat positive response, but nothing ecstatic.
Never the less, I've edited the OP with the clan. Simply make you