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MW2: Getting a list of all misc_model origin+angles in map?

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Thread By: Kosire


Reply By: Harry Bo21

Hello!I'm wondering if it's possible either by reading the fastfile or by reading the memory of the game (Modern Warfare 2) to get a list of all props used in the map (Wraith) and the exact angle and origin position of the prop?Why, you may ask? I'm currently in the progress of remaking serveral Modern Warfare 2 maps for the Source Engine and I already used Wraith with success to export all the assets. Now I'm just looking for a way to get the exact position of each prop in the map.Kinda like this for the *.map format:{ "modelscale" "0.941626" "origin" "474.3 -200.2 60.0" "angles" "0.0450282 145.039 0.0644009" "model" "foliage_litegrass_squareclump" "classname" "misc_model"}Is it possible? I've tried reverse engineering the fastfile format without any luck to get the propI'm not sure where the engine stores the misc_model data once in-game.

not possible, even porters entity dumps only get script entity info