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How good does Blackout look

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Thread By: D-2-K
Hey guys ive been on the modme forum since Black Ops 3 Modtools was launched but i have never posted a topic to chat etc etc SO!!! Are you Hyped or Even interested in the new game mode "BLACKOUT"

Personally Im a zombies player always have been ever since WAW not that into MP but i am excited to see how BLACKOUT plays especially after that teaser trailer all those classic zombie locations scattered around the map as well as actual zombies in the map looks like it will be a blast

what are your thoughts guys

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Reply By: Abnormal202
Blackout appears to be very ambitious, a quality you don't always see in Call of Duty anymore. I'm sure Blackout will receive a lot of hate for caving in to the trendy "Battle Royale" genre, but I do think Call of Duty will able to put a unique spin on the battle royale genre that is warranted.

Just watching this video got me very hyped, which is pretty rare for me. I love the fact that they are mixing MP, Zombies, and previous Campaign features into it. At this stage, (on what, the 15th game?) Call of Duty has stockpiled a lot of potentially useful assets, allowing them to complete such an ambitious project in only 3 years.

Now obviously just because you have a lot of interesting features, and that its large scale, doesn't mean it will be a success. Just look at Tranzit, Zetsubou no Shima, and Moon. All 3 of those I would argue have some of the most interesting and ambitious features compared other zombie maps, but people still hated them. So obviously just because they show a lot of cool shit in the trailers doesn't mean the gameplay will actually be good.

I'm looking forward to Blackout, and I'm glad they didn't make a campaign instead. If you ask me, a lot of effort was wasted trying to make good campaigns in later CODs, that just did not turn out great.


Reply By: D-2-K
To True Abnormal, after playing it with my bro today its deffo fun had a few games where we finished in the top 5 and 1 solo game where i came 3rd. for me its all about sneaky tactics, and the zombie areas were great, got the ray gun once but died b4 i had a chance to use it lolz but so far im enjoying it was up to 88 players today still buggy here and there but thats to be expected with beta i suppose any how looking forward to my next 2 days off to play it some more plus THE PREDATOR in 4DX on thursday night cant w8