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[Theory] CoD 2019 is a different story/universe than the Modern Warfare we already know

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Hey guys, this is my theory on what this year's "Modern Warfare" will actually be! To see my original Reddit post, click HERE! Below is just a copy of the Reddit post for those of you that would prefer to just read/discuss here on Modme!

Hey guys, looking at all the leaks we currently have, also the new "Going Dark" stuff on the Call of Duty Twitter has me thinking of this random theory. Cod:Modern Warfare won't be part of the Modern Warfare universe we already have. Let me explain.

Branding: So we currently have the leaked logo floating around, and the new teasers on Twitter. I have noticed that the MW logo doesn't seem that similar to the logo's from the games of the past. On top of that, the new teasers on Twitter are a kind of blue color, while the normal MW branding is green.

Leaks that tie into this theory:

  • Campaign draws inspiration from "No Russian"
  • Campaign is related to modern day terrorist attacks
  • The game is a "soft reboot"
  • [/LIST]
    So, let me explain the theory. CoD 2019 is not part of the MW universe from the past, instead a new "Modern Warfare" universe surrounding current day warfare, such as the US fighting ISIS, mass shootings, bombings, etc.. And, looking at the leak about "No Russian", that's how it draws inspiration, with mass shootings and such. Now, a soft reboot basically just means that some stuff from the past games will return, but it's not a full remaster. Well, those returning aspects could simply be the weapons, equipment, and in multiplayer it could mean things like perks.

    All that kinda makes sense with the new style branding. Same name but different branding could possibly mean new universe, while both still being "Modern Warfare".

    Probably a pretty far fetched idea, but I still think it's interesting to think about lol. Let me know what you guys think!