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My first (proper) script :D

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This isnt anything special. This is just me showing off my first ever usage of while loops and if statements in bo3. I have had little prior experience with scripting on python in secondary school, but thats it. Again, this is nothing special and its not amazing compared to the things other people are doing/ scripting, but for me, this is pretty cool, so please respect that :)

I was originally thinking of just making this little easter egg by having a bunch of triggers, but i wanted to take that step into making my code a little more efficient. Big thanks to IceGrenade for... basically indirectly prompting me to start scripting on bo3 with his gsc tutorial series.

Here's a little video showing what it does :)

Ik the chances of someone using this are reaaally low, but if you do decide to use this code, please credit me: xReaction