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Xmodels from Revelations

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I spent a lot of time last night and this morning trying to port xmodels from Revelations. I converted everything to xmodel_bin files and made sure to put the GDT in the source_data folder (I got a bunch of 'duplicate' error messages in the modtools console) and I put the xmodels in the model_export folder, but when I checked in APE it showed everything as a texture-less cube. Not to mention a bunch of other models I ported in the past have white spots and texture-less spots as well. I followed Erthrock's tutorial from a year ago and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong :unsure: Any help would be appreciated, or if anyone's generous enough to give me a bunch of assets lol, credit would be given (y)


the model your porting already exists somewhere in your tools. this is why you are getting dupe errors. try to locate the duplicate and delete it. if you carry on, ape can refuse to launch with duplicates.