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Problem with importing a custom model.

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So i've got no idea what's wrong with this situation, I'm trying to import the M6g from halo as a weapon and i'm getting this error. It's in 3 parts so that could be contributing to this??? Also i've triple checked and the directory is definitely correct. Thanks for the help.


some models aren't compatible with bo3 due to many reasons. i dont think its your fault here, but you could try exporting the model one more time to be safe. if not the model is trash


Yep tried again to be safe and this is still happening. That's a shame, thanks [USER=291]@KillJoy[/USER]

Harry Bo21:

view -> toolbars -> output

enable this and check the reason

and screenshot the folder with the file in it

"some are just not compatible is bs"


Harry Bo21:

the file itself is dodgy


It might have too many vertices. As far as I remember it has to be below 20,000 for BO3 (don't quote me on that). I use 3dsmax 9, import the xmodel, reduce the verts, then re-export. Always fixes the problem, but you do lose detail. As an alternative, you can always split the model up into multiple models (if you're good with a 3d program), then re-assemble them as sub-models in APE. That way you keep your level of detail in tact.