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No power-up spawn area

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Hi all,

In my map I have some 'barricades' where the zombies just jump over something to get into the map. Because this doesn't use a barricade, some zombies can drop power-ups outside of the playable area. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Thanks :)


Powerups will only spawn in the playable areas that you define with info_volumes, aka the zones.
Thus, I would recommend shrinking the info_volumes down to only cover the playable areas.

Harry Bo21:

bad idea - will break other scripts

create a volume

give it the target name "no_powerups"

cover the area


I've tried that and power-ups still seem to spawn...

I'm using an info_volume with the targetname "no_powerups" btw. Is there anything I should look out for that may impact this?

Thanks :)