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Having issues with weapon Porting for BO3.

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So I'm just trying to import the ppsh from bo3 mp whilst following JBirds tut : tutorial, and with every weapon I try the anims just screw up like this and I'm certain that I've followed it correctly. :confused:pls help.


select tag_weapon

click attribute editor here:

find these values here on the right side:

zero out all of those values.

save your rig.

should work now mate. have a good one.


Yeah [USER=40]@ThomasCat[/USER] that worked like a charm, thanks. However now after compiling the weapon is super glitched in first person (third person looks fine) and all i can see is my mag in my face. I'm getting { ERROR: duplicate bone 'tag_bullet_animate' } for every animation. Now I've got this I just don't know which one to delete?


Delete the ones that isnt under tag_clip.