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[Custom Weapons Only] No Sound

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Hi guys

I recently downloaded Skye's Weapon ports (specifically Ghosts, WWII and MWR) and installed the respective common assets, however, after installation my weapons refuse to play any sound.
This include other weapons I ported before downloading this pack. I don't know where the problem is.

I tried: reverting .csv files (user_aliases), deleting and readding the weapons, relinked multiple times, and no luck :(

Any ideas or tips where to troubleshoot would be much appreciated!




I dont know but if your still interested in these ports or found it out just ask skye himself on discord


Basic response but try resintalling the pack.
I use Skyes ports and they all work flawlessly so if day you’veeither overlooked soemthing in the tut Or it’s just an issue with compiling


So id say*

Kate Denson:

So if I understand when you compile and link your map, the sounds won't work. Have you looked into the launcher on if it says any sound errors while compiling and linking? If so just relink and compile until it works, it does this for some odd reason. Also not just relink, also compile.

Keep me updated if this helped ya out :D