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Can’t import any custom weapons

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I am at a complete loss here I have been trying to add to weapons from Sky's bo4 weapons the strife and Maddox the game will give me them as a start weapon or give them to me, but the wall by for the Maddox does not work the prefab that came with it it says 0 for the cost and will not ever give me the weapon I have not added any additional weapons to my custom maps at all the only thing I have done is from the ugx mod site downloaded the prefab wall by package and installed that and the Box the start prefab that was fixed and working and added that I have my weapons. CSV file in the Raw gamedata weapons zm folder and also created a gamedata weapons zm in my user map folder for my map, but everytime I add the line stringtable/gamedata/weapons/zm/ level_common_weapons.CSV to my zone file, every weapon than has a 0 cost wallbuy and doesn't give me the weapon. As soon as a delete that line from the zone file all guns work except Maddox wallbuy is still 0 cost and I can't use it. I am extremely new to this do have some idea of what you guys are talking about and doing but I have no clue what I'm doing wrong I've followed every tutorial I can find on adding custom weapons and your own weapons and changing weapon cost nothing is working for me every time I ask about lying in all the weapons go to zero when I take it out of my zone file their back working fine any help would be much appreciated thank you