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Whomp’s Fortress - N64 Zombies

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It's been a while since I touched the Mod Tools, but I think it's time to give a new update to a map that has been in the works forever...

This map is Whomp's Fortress from Super Mario 64, recreated right here in the Bo3 mod tools, not much really else to say except that it's a WIP still...

Some "features" of this map include:
-Jump pads
-Kino style Teleporters
-SOE style Teleporters
-Ported Weapons
-Madgaz's Perks
-Reaps BO4 Perks (Currently only Bandolier Bandit)
-Custom Whomps' Fortress Textures
-Sounds from Super Mario 64
-Buyable Ending (Currently 50000 Points)


-Nintemod (elxuxi)
-alecpike, TurtleBoy, MikeyLevi and Lemurboy12 for many of the mario Models
(If I forgot anyone PM me and let me know)


Updated with Steam Workshop Link!


Literally when I saw the workshop link... 😂


Version 1.01 - Updated with a fix for a Death Barrier found in the map


New Trailer for the Map added to the page