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Disable Zombie Collision With Other Zombies

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You've probably noticed zombies get stuck on each other when going through small doorways, around corners, up stairs, on crawlers, etc. This will disable the collision of zombies with other zombies so they can get through tighter gaps without getting stuck on each other without editing any stock scritps.

Add this in the main function of your mapname.gsc after zm_usermap::main();

level thread zombs_no_collide();

Then add this to the bottom of the script
function zombs_no_collide()
    level flag::wait_till( "initial_blackscreen_passed" );
        zombies = GetAiSpeciesArray("axis");
            zombies[k] PushActors( false );

Link your map and you're done.

If you'd like to disable zombie gibs you can add this line after the pushactors line
zombies[k].no_gib = 1;
Disabling gibs means no crawlers can be created, but also heads don't explode and arms don't fall off. Useful if you don't want crawlers in your map.


Much appreciated man!


thanks for this just what i needed