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Npc in a zombie map

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Is it possible to import a single player ai npc character into a zombie map?
just a shot in the dark but i wanted to have soldier you have to escort to a objective.
then have the soldier have a gun shoot at the zombies along the way. maybe?

I'm thinking you have to rig them because whenever you select a npc
and place them in a map they are in the T pose, not to mention the scripting as well.
also is there a way to open the bo3 fast files? i wanted to take a look at the cp campaign
GSC scripts thank you.


It's possible its been done although how to,.. I wish i new itd defs be a AI i mean you could,..and this is reeeeaallly dodgy, script a body model to move when the player is near but it'd look so fucked up haha