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Update for Wraith Colossus to support Youngblood?

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Hi there,

I wanted to know if it's possible that you update Colossus in order to be able to work with the game-files from Youngblood.
Thanks in advance!



it already works with young blood as iv used it to rip from the game


Thanks for your response!

Ok, that seems odd.
I'm able to open the game files as usual but the export procedure fails as soon as I try to export any file.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download recent Wraith Colossus
2. Copy oo2core_6_win64.dll from the game directory *
3. Open chunk_2_pc.resources
4. Extract beds_luxury_bed_01
5. Status "Error"

* As there is no oo2core_5_win64.dll in the game-directory I copied the _6_ one and renamed it. But even without renaming the same error occurs.

Did I miss something?