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Round end sounds do not play

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So I have now tried origins (which I used on another map) and ascension round sounds (which all play when I test them) and none of the round end sounds play. The game plays normally and round start music plays every time but none of the possible round ends make any sound ever.


I'm guessing the launcher doesn't say anything.
Did you maybe screw up the music state?
Looks like this in usermap.gsc

zm_audio::musicState_Create("round_end", PLAYTYPE_ROUND, "roundend1" );
Or added a custom zm-gsc or zm_audio.gsc (idk what handles the round change sounds i tink zm.gsc)
also try exporting the sounds to see if they actually made it in game


zm_audio::musicState_Create("round_end", PLAYTYPE_ROUND, "roundend1" ); is untouched in usermap.... I am going to test the loaded giant round music next but am also having problems with rounds skipping which I think could be connected to the round end music not working. I have to test this bug more to figure out what causes the round skips but I think it is something like tranzit where zombies spawn too far away and despawn... though from what I have seen the rounds skip at the start of the previous round. Usually goes something like round 3 starts and then seconds later it moves to round 4