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New map maker here

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Hey guys! I am learning how to make zombie maps and have an idea what direction I would like to go. I have been watching videos on how to use the mod tools but have a question in the order I should focus on. Please let me know if this path is the most efficient way.

1. Map layout
2. Buyables, (doors, perks, weapons, mystery box, etc.)
3. Function
4. Cosmetics

I mean, the textures and things can be added at the end yea?

I feel these are the 4 steps needed to make a map. am I wrong? Also, can other mods be added at this level? Or do they have to be put in the map early?

I just started to educate myself on map making and basically are looking for tips from the vets.

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!



Map first but think about where everything is going to be (like where you're going to put the perks and which doors you'll use). Script whenever. You can add mods/textures whenever.

Shift+click to select brush,
Shift+ctrl+click to select face of brush
You can middle click another brush when you have 1 selected to copy the texture


Thanks for the shortcuts! That gonna help ALOT.


I’m no vet but have found that it’s best to add the textures and models for the areas as you build each room.
Example: start with your starting zone and add all the details you want for that area before moving into the next area. You can always come back to touch areas up if you need, but probably works best to try and complete each area before moving into the next

doors you can do at the end if you want, that’s what I do. But just think about where the doors will be as you map. Same goes for perks,box locations, parts etc, as you see fit

When you’re implementing scripts from the mod me websites I’d personally recommend installing it into a custom map first in case you have any issues and can’t seem to fix it