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ARDIVEE Snow tutorial problem

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So I was using ARDIVEE snow tutorial from his website.

First of all:

Adding snow to your map is quite simple, in radiant you have to add an outdoor volume covering your whole playable area.

Do I need to apply this outdoor volume on WHOLE PLAYABLE AREA including indor area?

The problem is I did it, and snow is working great. The problem is - it is snowing even indoors.

So I decided to reposition "outdoor_volume" I created before. The thing is I can't find it in the entity list, I cleared the filters and still NOTHING. "outdoor_volume" is gone and I can't edit it.

Any ideas?


i think you have to check the checks for 1-4 maybe. and for the volume being gone idk check filters or ctrl shift h to unhide stuff


So it supposed to be like that? I mean the outdoor_volume is suppose to cover ALL AREAS? As far as I remember, I checked 0-3 as tutorial says.

Filters and unhide doesn't work. It's gone. I can't even find outdoorbounds texture in the "all in use" filter.


Nevermind. It is just me being stupid. The thing is - there was no outdoor_volume :D. I added another one and checked ALL FOUR CHECKS. Before I checked only 3 of them.