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Make me weapons because I’m lazy

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Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to help me out with custom weapons for my "movie themed" medieval map. I'm mainly looking for themed melee weapons and a bow'n'arrow to use (not the DE bow) for quality map immersion. I am more than happy to pay anyone for their time and can negotiate prices. Thank you for your time


I am working on making Kratos' Leviathan Axe from God of War, it could also double as Stormbreaker with different UVs. It will be an off hand weapon like the Hell's Retriever, I will probably try to make it a main hand weapon as well to work like the hatchet. There is a post I made it's the post just above yours titled Need Help. with information about the weapon and a screen shot, it also has all the raw files I'm working with. It's not a working weapon yet. should hopefully be finished by tomorrow and avaliable to download. I don't need credit for it if you use it, I do it just for the fun of it. Also I am modeling another melee weapon The First Blade, that will be a little while I have to make it from scratch.