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NavMesh randomly dissapeared???

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Originally my map's navmesh filled the whole map with a couple small holes that are tough to fix, i added a couple boxes of clips over them, compiled, and now only one small area of my map has nav mesh and the zombies wont come out of their spawn anywhere in my map because of it. Ive went back into autosave versions, added a nav volume and did everything else i could think of. Can anyone help me with this?

The picture has the only area that has the nav mesh visible


I've had that same thing happen to me but only to a section of a map and no matter what i did, by adjusting the floor or prefabs in that area it still would not allow the navmesh to regenerate to that area when i compiled.
I had to make the whole section into a layer, copy and pasted it elsewhere, then delete the original and move the newly saved layer back into the deleted sections place...........

Seeing how you already attempted a roll back on the auto saves and If you cant go about it by section layering like i described. Then i would select all, copy everything while in radiant. Regenerate a fresh new map and paste to the new map.

good luck, looking good though, btw :sneaky:


Thank you! And yes i rolled back to an older file and didnt work, i copied my map to another map and took out each room and found out one room that has power doors to enter broke the navmesh, as deleting it and compiling, showed the whole map being mav meshed again, so im thinking the power doors have something to do with it, currently testing now

UPDATE: Getting rid of the power doors fixed the problem! They didnt cause a problem before idk why all of a sudden it decided to break my map????