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How do I select a certain area of my map in radiant?

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Thread By: ItalianMilkMan
So ive just made a super detailed bridge that has lots of bits and pieces everywhere, and I've just realized that I need to rotate it the tiniest bit. To manually select every single piece of detail that I've put in is almost impossible.

So I was wondering if there's like a way to highlight a certain part of the map and have it selected. I know that if you press 'I', it will select everything in the map, but that wont work in my situation because there would be a ton of stuff that I would then need to deselect.

Thanks everyone!


Reply By: Exofile
Hello! You can create a single brush, make it cover what you want and right click, select, select touching/inside or whichever you need. This way it'll remove the brush you made, but everything that is inside or touching depending on what you chose will be now selected. Hope this helps!


Reply By: ItalianMilkMan
Thank you!! :D