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Symbo’s Attackables removing round sounds

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So I've recently added Symbo's attackables into my map. However it disables the custom round end sounds I have as well as some other round sounds I think. Whenever I remove the
"include,symbo_harrybo_attackable" and "#using scripts\zm\symbo_harrybo_attackable;" from my scripts the round sounds work again. So the sound problem has to be in the gsc file of the attackables right? Because thats what alters the audio I'm thinking? However I cannot for the life of me find the fix for this, and I don't want to have to remove the attackables as they fit great in the map. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks :)


I just realised that the attackables messed up the general round sequence and the reason the end music waant playing is because the rounds werent actually ending. Also the zombie count stayed the same for some reason even though the rounds where increasing. I just ended up removing them from my map