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Great War Map

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I've been thinking of what a great war custom zombies map would look like if done right. Kinda like a cool "what if?" map. It would be non canon of course but lore behind it to see where the story could have gone if we ever got one. I thought maybe of trying to map a layout? There is little to go off of. Most likely a layout that kinda resembles origins a bit but without trenches. Of course you got the mound, tunnels, and crazy place but that's it. Would the map be better with bo3 style or bo4 style or a hybrid of both? IDK if anyone has talked about this already but I'm surprised no one has tried to attempt making one.


I've been thinking about making a map like this for a while, mostly set in bunkers and nacht/verruct-style buildings, with a black and white filter over everything.