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Aight so someone on discord asked if it was possible to have another model_export folder since his/her disk was full. Kinda yes.
Basically you just move the folder to another disk and tell Windows that that folder is in BO3/root. This works with any folder/file anywhere on your PC but for the sake of this tutorial imma just stick to model_export.

Step 1: Turn off Steam cuz you don't want it to start redownloading everything.
Step 2: Move the model_export folder to another disk.
Step 3: Open CMD in admin and type the following

mklink /D "E:\Path\model_export" "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\model_export"
E being the new disk and D the old
You can do the same for a specific file by just adding the filename at the end.

This is useful if you want for example a battle royale map on a SSD but you don't want to fill it with the rest of the game