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Can you cut holes in terrain patches?

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Im trying to create a hole in a terrain patch that i can jump through but csg subtract does not work on them.


CSG extract doesn't work on meshes.. But you can use a mesh to cut a hole in a brush.. (cylinder for example)
But to do a hole in a patch, you need to splice the mesh at the vertices.
Press V to enter vertices mode.
Select 2 vertices in one line in either 2D or 3D view. If you can't see the vertices, press F9

then press ctrl, shift and X
A split line will appear on the mesh in 3D mode (Split lines only appear on brushes in 2D)
Do the same to work around where you want want the hole. Work in a clockwise direction ---> until you've split 4 sides of the hole. Add\remove\move vertices until you get the desired result.

If 2 vertices get too far apart, hilight the first one where you want to join to, then the second one you're joining..and press W to weld them back together.
Hope this helps.


Thank you!!! this makes it so much easier.