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Connection error when power turned on

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Thread By: Wild

Hello, so after I attempted to make certain lights turn on only when power is on I started getting connection interupted errors leading to the game disconnecting me and kicking me back to the main menu when I turn on the power. I tried following many tutorials and they all do the same thing. It still does it when I remove the scripts and put all the lighting states to true on the lights. I tried following this tutorial: thinking that it was because of a broken power switch or something but it still does the same thing. Any idea on how to fix it?


Reply By: Wild

I even tried setting all of the lights to have the same light state as the powerswitch lights have and it still does the same thing. MaybeI have to create a new map and then just copy the physical map over and restart everything else? I don't know. :/


Reply By: MinePro14

i haved the same problem, but i wasnt working with lights, and my issue was that one of the scripts that i have in the gsc was bad or i put it in the wrong line, so i have to put a comment in every custom script and see which was the bad, in your case maybe will work, idk