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DasCupcake57’s Extreme Asset Pack (over 900+ weapon ports, 1,000,000+ models ripped, for all games)

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I'm releasing a pack that I have been working on for years, and a whole few model rips that I paid over $200 on hosting to my cloud drive. And I've been working hard all day and all night for these assets, all going across for all COD4, WAW, BO1, and BO3 with custom scripts and FX.

Here's a download.

The link has been redacted due to somehow being replaced with an ACTUAL Indian training thing, in this case, a dox. Sorry to all that clicked on the link to expect the initial Rickroll prank on April 1st (that was, before) to find out it was a chart with Indian stuff later on.


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i got the link memorized you got nothing on me fam


It's pretty good stuff totally recommend 10/10


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