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Few Merged Models w/ Clip + FX Prefabs

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These prefabs probably be useless to most people but hey ho, I don't care, as long as it helps someone with mapping.

Have you ever found some models that require additional models to complete it's whole? For me, that creates headache, so this is a little pack that does this all for you, with FXes & Clips (Monster, Player & Physics). Some of these prefabs might have lensflare FX, if you don't like it, enter the prefab and remove it.

I might take requests but I cannot guarantee they'll be done.

Here's what are currently in this tiny pack (recommended only for dark maps):

candle_chandlier (No clip)
[IMG width="353px"][/IMG]

p7_candle_03_orange + fx + clip
[IMG width="277px"][/IMG]

p7_inf_foy_candle_holder + candles + fx + clip + lensflare
[IMG width="182px"][/IMG]

p7_inf_foy_candle_holder_sconce + candles + fx + lensflare
[IMG width="308px"][/IMG]

p7_barrel_metal_55gal_green_drk + fx + clip
[IMG width="216px"][/IMG]
(Disclaimer: That yellow crystal for staff is not in the prefab 😝)

There might be more to come if I come across any other annoying models that requires additional models to complete as a whole. But drop any requests below, I'll see if I can do it.
I haven't centred all the prefabs, might do at later time. So if you drop these prefabs into the map, they'll pop up elsewhere in your map.

Download | MEGA

Not necessary, but I would appreciate anyone using the prefabs to credit me just to motivate me in getting stuff like these publicly released and done.


Thanks, barrel one was the one I needed and looks cool too.