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Zombie traversal to enter the map

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Undead Munchies:

So I'm trying to get my zombies to spawn in outside of the map and climb over a tall wall to enter, instead of the traditional window or ground spawn. The problem is I can't get them to actually climb.

I have tried setting them as "find_flesh", and they stood still after spawning. So I decided to make the first begin node work as "reciever_set_entry_***". Once I did that, they started walking, but they now walk in place wherever they get pushed as if they have a clip leading in front of them wherever they go. My next solution was to take one of Treyarch's wall traversal prefabs and edit it to fit the scale of my wall. Neither "find_flesh", nor "reciever_set_entry_***" worked. They still just walk in place. I would like to also note that this is not an issue with the zombies or spawners themselves because when I edit the wall to create a clear walking path to the playable area, they function as intended. My wall is also shorter than both the original prefab I used, and also shorter than the animations I have selected, so height is not the issue here.


Have you changed the zombie actor?


Go on youtube and download jbirds traversals and follow his instructions, thats if you havent already treyarchs dont work